Veterinary Assisting.

Education for Life.

Our program is accelerated, helping you get in the field sooner.

Faculty that have real world, clinic experience as veterinary assistants and are there to help you master the material in and out of typical classroom hours.

Field trips built into the curriculum to locations like clinic sites and animal sanctuaries, giving you applicable real-world field and networking experience before you graduate.

For detailed tuition information, student outcomes and statistics, view our Gainful Employment Disclosures for Diploma or Degree in Veterinary Assisting.

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Get a degree in Veterinary Assisting. Learn to work in all phases of animal care through hands-on training.


Learn core skills of the veterinary field like Behavior, Restraint and Handling. Dive deeper with lessons in Anatomy, Physiology, Animal Nutrition and Dentistry and learn critical lab skills like Parasitology, Urinalysis, and Hematology.
Get a degree in Veterinary Assisting. Learn to work in all phases of animal care through hands-on training.


The Veterinary Assisting classroom operates as a clinic, providing students opportunity for hands-on training, providing skills such as:
  • Bathing & Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Wellness Check


Before graduation, all students complete an off-site externship at a clinic or animal care facility of their choosing, giving them critical experience and a realistic view into what working as a veterinary assistant truly means.


The Veterinary Assisting program is offered as a degree or diploma program. Consider adding the degree track if you’re interested in:
  • Opening your own facility for grooming, boarding or animal rescue. The AOS degree track equips you with the tools and business knowledge you need to take this exciting step.
  • Securing a management role in your career; having a degree makes you more marketable in your career search.
  • Developing better communication skills and confidence; this can make all the difference in the exam room and when working with clients.


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